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The difference between wedding gift and wedding candy I: different meanings First of all, we can consider the meaning of wedding gift and wedding candy. First, we should talk about the gift. In fact, we should all know about it. Nowadays, many people like to travel. When they travel, they will bring home many gifts. This is the gift for their friends and relatives; Happy candy is different. Happy candy is a kind of candy that will be distributed only when you get married. It has special meaning and exclusive meaning. Difference between wedding gift and wedding candy II: different functions Wedding partner gifts are generally given to guests who come to the wedding. Thank them for coming, which can be regarded as a kind of nostalgia for the wedding. However, wedding candies are different. They represent invitations, inviting others to attend their own weddings. The third difference between wedding gift and wedding candy: different people distribute it As we mentioned above, the wedding partner gift is sent to the guests who come to the wedding. Only those who come can get it, but the wedding candy is different. Invite a person to give a gift, whether they come or not, they should give it.
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The production process combines the characteristics of the south and north preserves: fresh fruits and vegetables → sorting and grading → shape treatment → salinization and drying → hardening treatment → rinsing → blanching → sugar pickling → sugar boiling → cooling
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China Business Information Network News: With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the leisure snack consumption pattern, which was originally based on food and clothing, has gradually shifted to the personalized direction of flavor, nutrition, enjoyment and even function. Especially with the continuous expansion of the market, the leisure snack market began to develop rapidly, and presented an unprecedented busy scene. Leisure snacks are mainly classified as: nuts, jujube products, preserves, dried fruits, puffed food, candy, fish series, meat products, etc. The leisure snack industry is booming With the development of China's national economy and the improvement of residents' consumption level, leisure food has become an important part of people's daily food consumption. According to statistics, the annual output value of China's leisure food industry has increased from 820 billion yuan in 2016 to 1120 billion yuan in 2020. It is estimated that the industry will maintain rapid growth in 2021, reaching 1156.2 billion yuan. From the perspective of category structure, leisure food includes candy chocolate, fried nuts, dried meat, preserved fruit, etc., with a wide variety. Driven by changes in consumption habits, the breakdown of leisure food categories such as nuts and snacks has grown rapidly, with huge market potential. Take the fried nuts as an example. According to statistics, the annual output value of the fried nuts industry will grow rapidly from 132.7 billion yuan to 180 billion yuan from 2016 to 2020, and is expected to grow to 197.1 billion yuan in 2021. Data source: sorted by China Commercial Industry Research Institute At the same time, compared with other major economies, the per capita consumption of major nut varieties in China is significantly lower than the average level of the United States, Japan and other countries and the world, and there is still great growth potential in the future.
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Candied fruit is cooked by adding sugar to the pulp. The finished product is usually dipped in concentrated sugar solution. The pulp is delicate and delicious. Such as candied red fruits, candied crabapple, candied quince, sweet green plum, sweet osmanthus, sugar rose, etc...
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